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        3. 电采暖锅炉采用石墨烯有什么好处?
          来源:http://weishengz.com 发布时间:2018-07-18

          Now the application of electric heating boilers can be said to be more and more widely, and the production materials are also enriched! Next Shandong Electric Heating Boiler Factory will tell you about the desirability of graphene material for electric heating boilers!
          Graphene electrothermal film system is the leading industry of low carbon economy. Compared with coal, natural gas, straw, wood and other heating energy, electric energy is a potential heating energy, which is booming with the rise of new energy such as solar energy, wind energy, water energy, nuclear energy and so on. This is a clean and renewable energy source. It is a real low-carbon or even zero-carbon energy source. The zero carbon emission mode of graphene electrothermal film geothermal heating fundamentally solves the problem of environmental pollution. It has no smoke, dust, waste gas, waste water and other pollutants, and meets the requirements of urban environmental protection. Traditional heating methods are convection of heated air, especially air conditioning. When the warm air is turned on, the room is full of dust, which not only pollutes the home environment, but also endangers human health. The graphene electrothermal film heating system dissipates heat by far-infrared radiation, which not only produces dust but also purifies air.
          Graphene electrothermal film system is a sample project for building a conservation-oriented society. The system does not need water and saves precious water resources. And there is no need to build boiler room, coal storage, ash pile, pipe network and other facilities, saving land and raw materials. The key is to save energy. The heat conversion rate of low carbon graphene electrothermal film heating system is as high as 99.98%, which can greatly reduce the energy loss in the process of conversion and transmission. It can also make full use of the low-valley electricity at night, increase the low-valley electricity revenue for the country, and reduce the electricity price and save electricity. The system can also implement behavioral energy saving. The heating temperature can be adjusted freely between 5 and 30 C. When the room is unoccupied, the temperature can be lowered or even the power can be cut off, which greatly saves electric energy.
          Graphene electrothermal film system has changed from passive heating to self-heating. The time, space and temperature of traditional heating methods can not be controlled, which not only wastes energy, but also is uneconomical. It often causes disputes between users and heating units and the difficulty of charging, which brings troubles to the government. Intelligent control of low carbon graphene electrothermal film heating system can be programmed independently according to people's needs. The temperature can be high or low. When no one is there, the switch can be turned off, and the room control can be used to change heating from inevitable heating to free heating.
          Thank you for your reading and watching. The wonderful content of this article comes from: Shandong Electric Heating Boiler, we will have more wonderful content to continue to show you. For more details, please click: http://weishengz.com.

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