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                                  来源:http://weishengz.com 发布时间:2018-05-14

                                  射线防护器材厂家提示大家,射线对人体的损害主要是由于X线的特性——生物效应。 X线照射机体后,可使组织细胞和体液发生一系列变化,组织中的细胞被电离辐射灭活,从而引起以造血组织损伤为主的放射性损害。
                                  Radiation protection equipment manufacturers suggest that the damage of radiation to human body is mainly due to the characteristics of X-ray - biological effects. After X-ray irradiation, a series of changes can take place in tissue cells and body fluids. The cells in tissue are inactivated by ionizing radiation, which causes radiation damage mainly in hematopoietic tissue.
                                  X-ray has been used for medical examination since its discovery. With the rapid development of computer technology and X-ray detectors, X-ray imaging equipment is changing with each passing day. The remote control fluoroscopy of compartment, film photography, computed tomography (CT), computed radiography (CR), direct digital radiography (DR), digital subtraction (DSA) and interventional surgery examination have all become effective means for doctors'clinical diagnosis. Like side effects of medication, cells of tissues and organs irradiated by X-rays may also be harmed to a certain extent, but this damage has no immediate self-perception. If the damage is mild and the body's own metabolism can repair it, the possibility of disease is very small. If the radiation damage is serious, the body tissues can not be completely repaired, which will lead to fatal cancer or genetic diseases.
                                  Radiation protective clothing
                                  X-ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave. It travels in a straight line at the speed of light. When it encounters human body or other objects, one part is absorbed and the other part is scattered. But as long as it has energy, multiple scattering will occur before it is absorbed by matter. Therefore, X-ray irradiation can be performed at any position in the fluoroscopy room or the photographic room at the time of exposure and at the moment after exposure (microsecond magnitude). To standardize the X-ray examination of radiation protective clothing, there should be only one patient in one room and the rest of them are waiting for treatment in the protective safety zone. In every qualified protection room, radiation protective clothing should be equipped with protective equipment for the use of the examinee and the accompanying family members. There should be warning lights outside the door of the room. When the warning lights such as "harmful radiation", "light is not allowed to enter" or "at work" are on, the waiting person should wait outside the door or in the indoor protective safety zone.
                                  Above is the wonderful content provided to us by the manufacturers of radiation protection equipment. I don't know if our partners understand it. If you have any questions, please consult our customer service staff on our official website: http://weishengz.com.

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