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              3. 细数电采暖的4个优点!!
                来源:http://weishengz.com 发布时间:2018-06-04

                At present, many families choose electric heating in winter. Electric heating is a broad term, such as electric heating, air conditioning, wall-hanging stove, small sun and so on, which we often use. There are many types of electric heating, and the advantages of different types are different. Generally speaking, electric heating is more convenient to use and environmental protection is clean. What are the advantages of electric heating? Let's take this question and consult with Shandong Electric Heating Boiler Factory.
                What are the advantages of electric heating
                1. Strong controllability
                Compared with other heating modes, this kind of electric heating will be more flexible and convenient to use, that is, on-off, and at the same time can truly achieve household compartment and regional control. For example, the low temperature radiation heating system of heating cable is easy to operate in manual and automatic programming control, which is conducive to energy saving. Practical data also prove that it can reduce energy consumption by 20%-30% through temperature control and household metering measures in heating system. Electric heating has more obvious energy-saving effect in dual-worker families and public buildings.
                2. Saving land and building area
                For example, heating methods, such as floor heating, need to use pipes, pipes and ditches in installation, and need a lot of manpower, material resources and funds. The use of electric heating abandons the construction and investment of pipes, pipes and radiators, which saves land and improves the use area. With the relevant data surface, electric heating can save land and increase building area by about 3-5%. And electric heating does not need water, not afraid of freezing, use it on, not off, more conducive to building intermittent heating energy saving.
                3. Environmental protection and cleanliness
                Generally speaking, this kind of heating method has good environmental protection, does not pollute the environment in use, can achieve zero emission, pollution-free, is a kind of green environmental protection function. If coal-fired boilers are used for heating, the local atmosphere will be polluted to a certain extent. Many cities in northern China use coal-fired, which results in serious environmental pollution in the region and the abortion of the Blue Sky Project throughout the year.
                4. Good heating effect and high heating rate
                Generally speaking, this kind of heating is operated by electrification, and its working efficiency is high. It can have better heating effect in a short time after electrification. For middle-aged and elderly people, they generally have symptoms such as cold legs, rheumatism and pain, and they are most taboo to cold and humid environment. Electric heating can alleviate these problems and achieve the effect of "warm feet without cold". Heating by electric heating, the air is clean, and harmful germs will not be produced, and people will feel very comfortable.
                The above wonderful content is provided by Shandong Electric Heating Boiler Manufacturer. For more frontier information, please pay attention to our official website: http://weishengz.com, etc. Thank you for your support!

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