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                  来源:http://weishengz.com 发布时间:2018-06-10

                  With the increase of medical radiation projects, radiation protection has become an urgent problem. Radiation Protection Equipment Company has developed various protective equipment, and has given many protective suggestions. Radiation protection has professional and scientific guidance.
                  Scientists have summed up three principles of radiation protection: the legitimacy, optimization and individual dose limitation of radiation practice. In short, the principle of justification requires that the harm caused by radiation to human beings is less than the benefit obtained from radiological examination. Optimization means to minimize the amount of radiation by improving equipment and implementing radiological protection projects. The maximum amount of radiation is defined by the limit of individual dose.
                  1. The Legitimization of Radiation Practice
                  Whether doing X-ray or CT or CR examination, first of all, we should ensure that the examination is necessary and can play a corresponding medical role. In this way, although people will be exposed to radiation, but also obtained a clear medical result, that is, when the benefit is obviously greater than the total cost paid, the X-ray examination work is justified and worthwhile.
                  2. Optimizing Radiation Protection
                  Radioactivity and irradiation can be reasonably achieved at the lowest possible level to avoid some unnecessary irradiation. Scientists have been trying to improve the radiographic equipment in the hope that the minimum amount of radiation can be used to obtain the best results. For example, X-ray machines need to install pipes to minimize the radiation range of X-rays and reduce unnecessary exposure.
                  Radiation Protection Engineering Company provides lead plates, lead doors, lead coats, etc. to isolate patients, doctors and radiation. Lead is an excellent radiation-proof material with high density, which can effectively absorb and scatter radiation. Patients wear lead coats. Medical staff in lead-enclosed rooms achieve the minimum radiation.
                  3. Personal dose limitation
                  In the practice of radiation, no excessive individual exposure is produced to ensure that any person's risk does not exceed a certain value, that is to say, the individual's radiation dose must not exceed the prescribed corresponding limit. ICRP stipulates that the annual dose equivalent limit of uniform whole body irradiation is 50 mSv for staff and 1 mSv (0.1 rem) for residents. The individual dose limit is mandatory and must be strictly observed.
                  To do a good job of radiation protection, it is necessary to improve the inspection equipment, to standardize the practice of radiation, and to do a good job of medical radiation protection.
                  This article is written by Radiation Protection Equipment Company. For more products and more detailed and exciting content, please pay attention to our official website: http://weishengz.com patronage is our great support.

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